Sunday, March 24, 2013

Alyssa Milano Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Botox Injects

Alyssa Milano Plastic Surgery For Breast Implants

Alyssa Milano had breast implants to increase her breast size to large C cup.  We all wondered if she would eventually get plastic surgery; like so many others.  The original "Who's the Boss" took to more than just plastic surgery.  There's rumors that she's also had Botox injections. Here's Alyssa Milano before and after breast implants.  Let's not lie to ourselves, she looks great after plastic surgery.

Did Alyssa Milano Really Need Plastic Surgery?

Ever since she first captured our hearts on Who’s The Boss, we’ve all wondered when Alyssa Milano was gonna get plastic surgery. Ok, no one wondered that…but these days they wonder if she has. In addition to persistent rumors that she had breast augmentation surgery years ago (as well as recent rumors that she had her implants removed…quitter), recently it has looked an awful lot like she’s had work done to her face. Her wider eyes lead many to believe that the former Charmed star, had a brow lift.

Personally, I agree, and think she looked better before, but still looks great. Check the pics folks, be the judges, be the boss! Get it, cuz of the name of the show she was on…shut up, you do better…ok don’t, I need this gig.

Alyssa Milano Before and After

I have seen several plastic surgery gossip blogs talking about how Alyssa Milano has underwent plastic surgery, more specifically an eye lift and botox injections. And my response to those blogs are "wow, are you kidding?"

I sometimes think these people just randomly make up stories, simply to get a rise out of celebrities and their fans.