Monday, March 25, 2013

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants

It is quite logical that plastic surgeries are common among aging celebrities only. But what about Amanda Bynes plastic surgery?! She is still very and very young, and still attracts tons of critics, plastic surgeries specialists attention. It is quite odd to see such young celebrity in the middle of plastic surgery gossips and rumors. So, why is that? The answer is plain and simple – most likely Amanda Bynes went for a plastic surgery.

Amanda Bynes was born 26 years ago, and already managed to conquer millions of fans. Few years ago, she announced her retirement (what a shame). She told us she wanted to explore her other talents, other sectors and enjoy her youth like a normal human being. She never said she was done for a lifetime, just taking a huge break. Well, best of luck to you, Amanda Bynes!

Amanda Bynes never came forward publicly and accepted to have some sort of plastic surgeries done to her face. Well, nobody to blame. In most cases celebrities try their best to hide and cover such things from leaking to publicity. So, maybe Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is a real deal? Maybe she is laying to us?

Like always, best thing to do is to scrape information from most recent pictures. Easy to compare and see some slight differences. It is quite clear that she looks different now as 5 years ago. Surely, it might be because of her very young age, and face is still formatting and maturing. Who knows, huh?
It is quite obvious that in most recent pictures of Amanda Bynes – she demonstrates slimmer face and a bit higher cheekbones. This indicates of some facial reconstruction procedure in the past. Another thing – her teeth, those look magnificent and a lot whiter. Sure, it is just simple whitening teeth operation. Nothing special though, anyone can get it done that today.

Some speculate and accuse Amanda Bynes to have some silicons – breast implants inserted into her chest. Well, to be honest, her breasts look a bit fuller and bigger. Yet, again, it might be just a maturing thing, hard to tell.

Some small changes can be spotted in her lips and nose. That might indicate a possibility of rhinoplasty.

Amanda Bynes is very attractive, hot and sexy young lady-celebrity. She doesn’t need anything to be changed. Not at this age, at least.
As always, there are some pictures. Take a look and decide is Amanda Bynes plastic surgery is a real deal.

Amanda Bynes is a 26 year old actress with the entire world literally at her feet and very bright future ahead of her in acting.

However, Amanda Bynes has announced via her Twitter profile that she is that she’s quit acting to pursue other endeavors.

"I’ve never written the movies & tv shows I’ve been a part of,” the 24-year-old former actress writes.

"I’ve only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play. Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem. If I don’t love something anymore I stop doing it. I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it.”

Amanda Bynes Plastic Surgery: Rumors are swelling that child starlet Amanda Bynes has had radical plastic surgery.

Amanda Bynes announced that she was quitting show business several weeks earlier, which makes the alleged processes all the more suspicious.